Examining John: Explaining the Role of Jesus to the Modern Reader of the Gospel

John’s gospel, more than Matthew, Mark and Luke, emphasizes the Christ’s identity as the Word of God. In this post, I will deal with several common questions you might encounter about the Jesus described in John. In addition using John 1, I will explain the role of Jesus to a modern reader of the Gospel?

  • Why does John call Jesus’ the “Word” in the Prologue?
  • What are the potential sources for John’s depiction of Jesus as the “Word”?
  • How does this depiction of Jesus as the “Word” relate to John’s Gospel as a whole?

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Examining the Gospel of John: How we can apply John’s views to the church today

In evangelism, the book of John is quite often used to engage the unbeliever and to introduce the deity of Christ. John, is a book focused on what theologists term Christology. For this reason I have chosen to begin my studies with an examination of his gospel. To introduce the subject of John, I am including here a brief summary of the major Johannine themes. These include: God, the Christ, salvation, the Spirit, the new covenant community, and last things. The book of John presents each of these and they all continue to be relevant to the modern Bible student.

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