Children In the Lion’s Den

Should our children be sent as mini missionaries into the public school system?

Public schools are not Christ-friendly. I think we can all agree on this point. However, there are many parents who believe they are doing the system and Christ a favor by sending their children into the public school system to be light and salt. What do you think about that? Ought we to send our babes into the lion’s den as a minority in order that they might attempt to influence the culture of the school house? Or, are our babes being eaten up by the philosophies presented by the teachers and students whose agenda is no less than anti-Christ?

We’d like to hear from you on this. Leave us a comment and let’s discuss children as evangelists in the public school system.


One Response to Children In the Lion’s Den

  1. What do I think about that? Absolutely under no circumstance. Jesus would never ask any parent. to do that. Witness for Christ as a home school family – just be sure not to have any judgments and higher- than -thou attitude which unfortunately accompanies many home school families.

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