Modern Methodologies and Evangelism

One thing that I have learned from years of experience and through the study of  Biblical patterns laid out for us by both Jesus and the Apostles is

that a clear gospel presentation must
precede true saving faith.

The methods and programs developed by evangelists in order to
communicate God’s Word have certainly changed throughout the centuries but our immutable God’s desire  to save lost people has and will remain the same. Regardless of the epoch, current  popular cultural mores and trends or the  immediate
circumstance before you, one fact remains static and that is that when it comes to Bible-based, Holy Spirit
inspired evangelism

The same fundamental tool utilized in
order to share the gospel with the unbeliever so that they might hear and
believe the truth about Jesus Christ is the same key to unlocking the doorway that
leads to eternal life. We must not cease to present a clear presentation of the
gospel of Jesus Christ so that men, women, boys and girls might be turned from
darkness to light and be saved from their sin and an eternity in Hell.

Many of the modern day methods of evangelism have shifted the emphasis from God’s supernatural work to man’s
methodologies in the area of salvation. In order to produce visible results many Evangelical well-meaning Christians have concocted evangelism practices that are concerned more with not offending men regarding their sin than with convicting men of their sin for their own life’s sake.


Note:  Want to read more?  Watch for our new manual written by our President, Steven Glover


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