What Think Ye of Christ?

Contending for the faith

Contending for the faith

I witnessed personally the identity of Jesus being redefined during an ecumenical meeting held at a local Mosque here in Toledo. The local newspaper announced a Universalist meeting of all faiths to gather together down the street from my home in an Islamic temple. I had been concerned or troubled in my Spirit regarding the subtle infiltration of people of the Muslim faith buying up businesses and property in my community. I am quite aware of a technique used by Islam referred to as a silent Jihad.  This is a technique in which Islam advances its teachings through assimilation. Once they become dominate, then Islamic leaders petition the American Government to allow implementation of Sharia Law within their communities.


S. Michael writes in Dare To Explore, “We also have an obligation to protect our children and grandchildren from the westernized version of Islam which tries deceptively, to present a friendly and peaceful Islam. Muslims have a mission to Islamize the whole world because they believe that Islam is the only true religion. Knowledge about Islam and its true agenda sets us free from our fears and protects us from these false teachings.”   Within the past couple of years a once hidden mosque in the inner city recently placed Arabic writings on the outside of its building. Many Americans are unaware that whenever a mosque is established in a community, that neighborhood or city is claimed for Allah and Muslim governance.


This particular meeting was comprised of various pastors, imams, and church goers from various congregations. The purpose was to discuss whether or not Muslims and Christians served the same God. The assembly or service began with a prayer in Arabic which was later translated into English for non-Arabic speaking people to understand.  The format consisted of two presentations, one from a local United Church of Christ pastor, and the other from the temple Imam. Shockingly, each speaker began and concluded their messages by denouncing the Deity and ministry of Christ.


The pastor of the UCC church gave an inaccurate summary of the origin of the church and misrepresented her relationship to and with Muslims over the centuries. For over an hour, this individual attacked and denounced Christianity by associating the body of Christ with the  activities of the apostate Catholic Church.  Those in attendance agreed with and applauded his condemnation of Christ, and his exaltation of Islam. Likewise, the Imam indicated his disdain for the Church, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.  He also offered praise for Mohammad, the founder of Islam.


After two hours of lies, heresy, and rhetoric, the opportunity to address the panel (through the use of index cards) was presented.  Audience members were directed to submit their written questions to the panel and they would then respond. However, my evangelism partner (Jared) and I were no longer able to contain our outrage regarding the denunciation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so we spoke out immediately against the biased proceedings. Our first step was to address their efforts to deceive the people and to present what Scripture teaches is the true identity of Christ. I read a few verses aloud from chapter one of the book of Colossians where the apostle Paul records that Jesus is not a created being but the Creator.


A multitude of corrections were necessary in light of the plethora of lies perpetuated by both men.  Among these fallacies were such declarations as:

  • Jesus is not God but only a prophet;
  • Incarnation does not refer to God but to man;
  • Mohammed is referred to in the Bible as the Holy Spirit (John 17)
  • The prophet to come mentioned in Deut 18 is Mohammad;
  • Jihad means struggle, not the killing of infidels and Jews;
  • Infidels is not mentioned in the Arabic Quran, only in bad English translations;
  • Jesus’ purpose for coming was not to redeem mankind but to illustrate how humans are to live;
  • There is no original sin;
  • Catholicism and Christianity are the same and responsible for the inquisition;
  • The Bible is corrupt and the Quran is accurate;
  • Jesus’ words are only in red letters, etc.

The atmosphere was energized by our direct confrontation or rebuke of those enabling this masquerade and subterfuge. Even so, the gospel was clearly presented in the midst of this gathering and the myths about Christ were countered with Truth.

I was informed a day later by Jared that his friend from Nigeria stated, “If that would have occurred in Nigeria, you would have gone in but not come out.” He knows first-hand that Christians are dying for their faith in Nigeria.  I suggest that more believers witness to Muslims while they can still express their right to free speech and religion.

The evening concluded with one-on-one discussions with the Mosque’s Imam, Muslim women, church leaders, and other associates of this ecumenical agenda. Many of them arguing against our message and denying the teachings of the Quran, especially the sixth unwritten pillar of Jihad.  My purpose for going was to expose the lies of the enemy and to attempt to present biblical truths to those being deceived. In addition, we are instructed in the Bible, “to contend earnestly for the faith” and “exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict.”  Stephen was stoned; Paul was beaten, plus left for dead; and Jesus Christ our Lord was crucified for exposing heresy.


In America, believers are currently protected by the First Amendment in the Constitution. However, I believe that our activities will eventually lead to imprisonment for what will be labeled as hate speech. Therefore, believers must be adamant about preaching the gospel while we have the opportunity.  We must be willing to experience minor suffering including that of ridicule and criticism.



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