Board of Directors

Zach Malott, Pastor

Pastor Zach Mallot is the senior pastor at the Mescalero Baptist Mission on the Mescalero Apache reservation in Mescalero, NM

Judith Williams, Public Relations Advisor

Judith is taking her witness to the marketplace everyday.  She is the Associate Manager of Corporate Development for the Indianapolis American Diabetes Association.

Richele McFarlin,  Communications Director

Richele is the Co-Founder of Christian Graces, LLC , a Bible-based Character and Education Company.

She is an author, wife and mother of four.

Robin Bickerstaff-Glover, 

Robin serves as the Director of Planning & Events for Christian Graces, LLC , a company she co-founded.  She is also the  COO for Evangelize4Life Missions Corp.

She is an author and wife and mother of four.

Dr. David Hopewell, Sr

David Brown,   Evangelism Conference & Apologetics Advisor

David Brown is currently the Video Conference Ministry Coordinator for the ministry of Answers in Genesis.

 David is also a Biblical Apologetics speaker with an emphasis on Creation.


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