Chief Executive Officer & President

Steven A. Glover, President and Director of Evangelism & Missions
Master of Arts in Religion, Evangelism & Church Planting, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Bachelor of Science, Religion, Honors, Liberty University
Diploma of Theology, Pastoral Theology, Liberty Bible Institute

I am the resident Missionary and President of E4L.  My duties include directing the ministries of Evangelism and Missions as well as training evangelists.  I have served in missions since 1998 when I took my first missions trip to Haiti.  Since that time I have continued to study the Word of God with veracity and purpose.  I have served as a full time Missionary functioning as a Church Planter, Church Planter Strategist and National Evangelism Missionary to Multi-Ethnic groups involving in both Personal & Mass Evangelism across North America through Street Witnessing, Community Outreach, Conference teaching, Church-wide trainings and other Equipping activities. 

My passion is to share the life giving gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are perishing and separated from Christ. I make it a point to evangelize everyday because one day, someone shared the life giving gospel with me and I received freedom from sin and salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. That was the absolute greatest gift I have ever received.

In my spare time I love to spend time with my wife and four daughters especially while traveling.

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