Our Testimony

Who we are…

In 1997, Steven Glover traveled with his pastor, Dr. James Graham from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Herndon, Va to Haiti.  That was the beginning of a life changed and a mind transformed.  It was there he and his wife, Robin, heard the call of God to preach the gospel and see souls saved.  They were separated by thousands of miles, but God revealed His will to them simultaneously.  Upon his return to the states, the Glovers (with their 8 month old daughter Gabe in tow) walked away from corporate positions and everything they knew to prepare for the ministry.  This was the beginning of their journey.

One year later, while Steven was attending school full time at Liberty University’s Bible Institute, he was gunned down by a armed robber as he attempted to deliver a pizza.  This shot in the back was just a reminder to the Glovers that with ministry comes suffering and persecution.  He survived the attack and the criminals responsible (who had been on a crime spree) were captured within 15 minutes after he was shot.  God had a purpose in this all.  Seems the gunman’s mom had prayed that God do ‘whatever it would take’ to get her son’s attention.  Steven was able to minister to her and to the two gunmen behind bars. Of the three men who had been shot by these perpetrators, only Steven was willing to testify in court.  One of them, the shooter, who had originally pled not-guilty in court, recanted his testimony and pled guilty to the crime.  He was open to the gospel and we pray that he is today walking with the Lord.

Steven and daughters enjoying the scenery on the way to Jan Markel’s Understanding the Times conference 2011

Since that time, their family has grown by 3.  Steven, Robin, Gabe, Noah, Jewell and Selah understand what it means to be on the battlefield.  In 2001, they left Lynchburg and went to Terre Haute, Indiana to plant a church.  In 2006 they came to Toledo, Ohio to plant and to strengthen other church planters.  Steven has served as a full time missionary since 2001 and most recently served as the National Evangelism Missionary to People Groups and Multi-Ethnic populations in North America with a focus on the Urban Centers.

In January of 2012 the Glovers began a new journey– Evangelize4Life Missions Corp. was established.  This is a non profit corporation committed first and foremost to the work of biblical evangelism.  It has been a glorious and difficult year.  Steven has completed his Master’s work from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  His degree is in Religion, with the Church Planting and Evangelism emphasis.  The gifts and calling of God are truly without repentance.

Fast forward to this current appeal.  We have been self-supporting in this venture but, ministry has a cost.  We are in the process of completing more materials for pastors and lay persons to use while evangelizing.  Steven continues to coach via his daily talk radio program,Evangelize4Life with Steven Glover and he continues to witness everyday.

We need your help

We need resources.  Everyday we use tracts and Bibles and these cost money.  In addition, there are a few ministry needs such as a camera and print cartridges and our online connectivity.

As of 1/12 we have been on our own and not gainfully employed. We are doing work as we can find it–but, we don’t want the Lord’s work to suffer because of our lack.  Will you prayerfully consider giving to the ministry so that we can continue to buy the tracts, Bibles and supplies needed to keep this work going?

We’ll keep going to the hedges and highways, we just need a little help getting there.

God Bless,

Evangelize4Life Missions Corp.

a non profit organization, 501c3 pending


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