Steven Glover’s Biography

Steven is  a full-time minister of the gospel.  He has served as a Missionary, Church Planter, Regional Sequential Church Planter Strategist, and National Evangelism Missionary.

He most recently served as the National Multi-Ethnic Evangelism Missionary for the North American Mission Board.  He  served as a National Missionary for 5 years.  During this time he  traveled extensively throughout North America speaking, teaching and training pastors and lay leaders to evangelize.   He specializes in equipping pastors and congregations for the work of evangelism.  Steven’s workshops, webinars, conferences and training seminars include teaching, questions and answers sessions, one-on-one evangelism coaching, prayer walking exercises and practicum outreaches.  As he always reminds us on his daily talk radio program— ‘Evangelism is something he does everyday.’

Steven received his Diploma of Theology from Liberty Bible Institute, his Bachelor’s of Science in Religion from Liberty University and his Master’s of Arts in Religion specializing in Church-Planting and Evangelism from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is an engaging speaker who is a graduate of the Ken Davis Dynamic Communicator’s workshop.

In addition to his daily talk/coaching program, Evangelize4Life with Steven Glover, he also does weekly Street Evangelism, teaches small groups, door-to-door witnessing, preaching and conference hosting/speaking. Steven is available to come to your church or event please contact us about your needs.

Steven is married to Robin B. Glover.  They are the proud parents of four daughters whom they homeschool.  His wife Robin is an accomplished worship leader who also writes and coaches youth.  Their daughters Gabe, Noah, Jewell and Selah operate their own business–Smylebii Handcrafted Collectibles; a line of figurines designed to bring joy to others.  When he is not working Steven enjoys spending time with his family and traveling, playing tennis, lifting weights, grilling and always–Evangelism.


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