Modern Methodologies and Evangelism

One thing that I have learned from years of experience and through the study of  Biblical patterns laid out for us by both Jesus and the Apostles is

that a clear gospel presentation must
precede true saving faith.

The methods and programs developed by evangelists in order to
communicate God’s Word have certainly changed throughout the centuries but our immutable God’s desire  to save lost people has and will remain the same. Read more of this post


Evangelism God’s Way


     The “Back to the Basics” strategic structure is a biblically based model developed to train Christians to reach lost people with the gospel through ministries of the church. I am writing this paper to offer suggestions to church leaders as well as the laity and in order to encourage them to fulfill the “Great Commission.” This configuration will help create intentionality and make evangelism forethought rather than an afterthought. Read more of this post