Pastor Danny Norment

I would like to thank you for allowing Steven to share with our group. Steven brought a new and refreshing way of evangelizing in our community. His teaching highlighted how simple and non-threatening it is to share the Gospel. Our members now feel empowered to go into dark areas without feeling unqualified. We are pursuing several contacts  which we met while in the community. Hopefully, we can receive additional materials (bibles, tracks) to share with our constituents. You must know that our passion for the lost has been renewed. Again, thanks for allowing Steven to shine his light in this Englewood community.
Pastor Danny Norment
Mount Nebo Church


About Robin Bickerstaff Glover
I am a born-again Christian who loves being mom to four precious daughters. In addition to writing, I am also a homeschool teacher, and a Independent Project Researcher. I am married to Steven and together he and I are forever looking for adventure! My passions include: writing, singing, theater and of course glorifying Christ in all I do.

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