Classical Views of Three Protestant Beliefs About Salvation.

English: Jacobus Arminius

English: Jacobus Arminius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Calvin

John Calvin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Topic Calvinism Lutheranism Arminianism
Human will Total Depravity without free will permanently due to divine sovereignty Total Depravity without free will until spiritual regeneration Depravity does not prevent free will
Election Unconditional election to salvation with those outside the elect foreordained to damnation (double-predestination)[12] Unconditional predestination to salvation for the elect Conditional election in view of foreseen faith or unbelief
Justification Justification is limited to those predestined to salvation, completed at Christ‘s death Justification of all people, completed at Christ’s death. Justification made possible for all through Christ’s death, but only completed upon choosing faith in Jesus
Conversion Monergistic, through the inner calling of the Holy Spirit, irresistible Monergistic, through themeans of graceresistible Synergistic, resistible due to the common grace of free will
Preservation and apostasy Perseverance of the saints: the eternally elect in Christ will necessarily persevere in faith Falling away is possible, but God gives assurance of preservation. Preservation is conditional upon continued faith in Christ; with the possibility of a final apostasy.

Table information drawn from (not copied) Lyle W. Lange’s book,

God So Loved the World: A Study of Christian Doctrine. Milwaukee: Northwestern Publishing House, 2006. p. 448.


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